Call for Submissions- The Wylder West Series

This series is sponsored by our Historical Fiction line and while we are accepting stories in any line, our goal is to have this series focus on stories set between 1878 and 1885.   

Stories must include one major character (hero or heroine) who is living in Wylder (a fictional western town in Wyoming Territory), passing through town, or lives nearby. Stories must include a minimum of two scenes occurring in Wylder.

This series has a “bible” or instruction manual  to create the town in a way that is cohesive and does not clash with the reality of what has been established before.  That information and further details on this series can be found here:

Submission Guidelines:

Stories should be at least 15,000 words and a maximum of  60,000.

You must submit a story concept to the committee for preliminary approval by emailing your story outline to wylder@thewildrosepress.com  The committee will get back to you as to whether this storyline is approved or not.   Once approved, the submission process continues as usual.  If you are already an author with us – you would submit your approved idea to your editor once you receive committee approval. 

Please note an approved story idea is NOT a guarantee of contract.  It simply guarantees no one else can write that character until your story is either contracted or rejected. 

If you have not written for us before, once you receive the story idea approval, you need to then follow our general submission process (those instructions are here –  https://www.thewildrosepress.com/traditionalpublishing to submit to our company.  An editor will be assigned to you and your story will be reviewed per usual guidelines.  Again, an approval by the committee is NOT a contract guarantee.

Any questions on this series can be addressed directly to wylder@thewildrosepress.com