The Shadowheart Curse by Karilyn Bentley

Read the book then follow the live stream event of filming the movie!


Ten original Full Moon features will be filmed back-to-back all over the world and fans will have an exclusive, all-access virtual pass to watch them being produced in real time. All ten pictures will premiere exclusively on Amazon beginning 02/14/2020.

The Shadowheart Curse, a Wild Rose Press original publication, will begin production this winter!  Don’t miss this live stream event.  Check out the website for more information.

Check out the YouTube video about Full Moon Feature Films HERE


An all-new Full Moon Gothic horror film in the vein of MERIDIAN!! When a powerful psychic discovers a cursed spirit in her grandfather’s home, she must decide if he is ultimately evil or the love she has always desired. After a bad psychic reading that leads to her client’s unfortunate death, New York City’s most famous medium, Adrianna Sinclair, packs her tarot cards and leaves for her beloved grandfather’s estate in Italy. There, she senses an otherworldly presence that is so strong she cannot ignore it. When she finally speaks with the spirit of Luca Fausto, she finds that his brother, the demon Marco, has cursed him to this place. Luca tells her that she, and the crest that she wears, might be able to finally break the decades-old spell! But watching from the shadows, the demon Marco has other murderous intentions in mind for them! Beyond Life. Beyond Death. There is Another Place…