A few words from many of our wonderful authors

"After I wrote my first book, I started looking for publishers. The Wild Rose Press, Inc., consistently popped up as reputable, but also with a history of working with their authors. It was a decision I'll never regret. I can't say enough about the support of a fantastic publisher and the authors associated with it. Did you know The Wild Rose Press is the only publisher I've ever submitted to and probably ever will?"
"Some people think smaller publishing houses are second rate and only one step up from vanity presses. There is nothing second rate about The Wild Rose Press. From the moment you submit, you and your book are treated professionally...The Wild Rose Press continues its support with a marketing manager, access to Netgalley, Ingrams, and continued help in promoting your book. But on top of all of this is the most important factor: their care of their authors and their constant professionalism. They're just wonderful to work with."
"The Wild Rose Press is the best. The best editors. The best President. The best artists. I've had nothing but a positive experience with The Wild Rose Press and will always be grateful to them for publishing me."
"I sit in awe as I write book #12 for The Wild Rose Press. From the expert editing, to the gorgeous covers, to that first box of books, it has been an amazing journey. RJ and Rhonda really care about the authors, and my thank you and gratitude to them and everyone at TWRP. You make dreams come true."
"One of the best and most unique aspects of the Wild Rose Press is their weekly one hour author conversations on the author website. These chats are hosted by Wild Rose Press editors or outside experts and cover every aspect of how to write good books as well as the latest info and tools to market them. It’s also cool to be able to read the chat transcript if one is unable to join in real time."
"I've been a Wild Rose author for ten years and can say whenever I've had a problem and reached out, the editors and publishers immediately responded and took care of the situation. I believe Wild Rose is the best of the small e-presses for my books."
"I just wanted to say that working with Wild Rose on my first book has been a pleasure and wanted to pass on my gratitude to Melanie and Lisa for all their help. Melanie was great to work to get Varuna ready for publishing and LIsa always responds to marketing questions quickly and thoughtfully. Thank you!"
Phillip Vincent
"Wild Rose Press creates a team-like atmosphere. They are professional and positive and always there to answer my questions and give me support in my writing career. Wild Rose Press is serious about helping their authors grow and improve their craft. I am honored to be part of the Wild Rose Press garden."
"The Wild Rose Press has helped me build my career as a writer. From my first published book in 2013 (a time-travel) to my five book romantic suspense series and now, in 2020, I’m starting my new contemporary series. I can’t think of a single press, large or small, who would support me in branching out into different romance sub-genres like The Wild Rose Press has. From the Presidents to the Editors to the Cover Artists and Lisa – our very own author advocate – the love this company shows it’s author is unparalleled. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
“Getting your story published and out there is a daunting task for any serious author. Several publishers expressed an interest in publishing my manuscript, Blood on the Chesapeake, but I selected the Wild Rose Press because of its reputation of working with emerging authors. I have not been disappointed. I’ve found the principals at TWRP, from my editor to the marketing director to the president, to be professional, knowledgable and friendly. They've done their best to answer my questions and provide help and support. In fact, I’ve been so satisfied that I’ve decided to continue my relationship through book two of the series, Crimson at Cape May.”
“My experience as an author with The Wild Rose Press has been incredible. From the editing to the cover art design to publication, I feel like I have had amazing support along the way. There is no better family of authors, and I love being a part of this supportive network.”
"The Wild Rose Press has published four of my novels now, and I couldn’t be happier. Responses to any question, problem, or submission are prompt. The production quality has been excellent every time and I’ve often received compliments on the covers. Five novels later (one currently in production as of early March, 2020), I’m a far better writer, too, largely due to my editor, Eilidh MacKenzie."
Kathleen Buckley
"I sincerely appreciate the excellent feedback you sent me. I would like to point out that Wild Rose Press is one of the rare publishing houses that graciously help new writers. You and Mrs. Arthur are exceptional. A+. Thank you and have an excellent day and I hope you discover the best new inspiring writers that fit what you are looking for this year! Merci encore."
"In a business that can be quite impersonal with long waits for query responses, or no response at all, TWRP immediately made an impression upon me with a response, from Rhonda Penders no less, the very next day advising me my submission was passed to a senior editor (Lori Graham) for further review. Three days later, Lori advised me who would be reviewing my submission and she provided me with a self-editing pamphlet for mystery writers. Like most authors, the querying process is long and frustrating with minimal feedback. These prompt responses from TWRP to a cold query was beyond incredible. Since then, throughout the “revise & resubmit”, contract offering, and marketing process, everybody at TWRP were responsive, professional, and quite helpful. TWRP speaks of being responsive and author-friendly – and they back it up with their actions. I couldn’t be more pleased."
"Th Wild Rose Press is a joy for the serious writer. From editors to book cover artists, the publisher is accessible, helpful and professional at all times. Having published four novels with TWRP, I can attest to their enduring work ethic and personal attention to their writers."
"Professionalism, dedication, loyalty, and family—these words are but a few of the cherished ones for my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, Inc. They took my dream of being a published author and made it a reality. In addition, they exceeded my expectations, and I am grateful for our partnership."
“Some of my favorite authors live here! In a recent poll, The Wild Rose Press won Best Publisher. Jump in and see why the award is so well deserved. Some really awesome authors are listed on this web site. I’m proud to be a Rose, and I’m very happy to say that I read our authors’ books. You don’t need to look any farther for quality reads.”
"I just signed the contract for the third book in my Request series, Regency Romance. Thank you, Wild Rose Press, for making my dreams come true."
"I've been with The Wild Rose Press from it's earliest existence, being one of their first authors to be contracted to their team. And I am so very thankful and proud to be a part of this literary family. Both RJ Morris and Rhonda Penders have been caring and concerned publishers, professional yet helping their authors in every way possible....from offering promotions to encouraging and fostering their creativity. I've had three editors during the 14 or so years I've been a part of this BIG little press....two of whom I have continued to keep in touch with on a personal basis after they left the company. All of them made me a better writer, showing me how to make my work read tighter and more compelling....the result becoming a "page-turning" novel. And they did this for me without harsh criticisms or demeaning my intelligence. When I say I am a better writer today for their tutorial assistance, I am speaking volumes. I hope to stay throughout my writing years with The Wild Rose Press, satisfied with their publishing experience and honored to be an author in their garden. Thanks TWRP for all you are and all you've done for writers....turning them into amazing authors!"
"My experience with The Wild Rose Press has been nothing less than stellar. My Editor, Ally Robertson, is genuine and supportive, from the moment I met her at a conference pitch session. I value all that TWRP does to make me feel like a valued member of a community, from the Tuesday Author Chats, assistance with finding critique partners and being open to my input all along the way."
Tawnya Perry (Dalia Dupris)
"As someone completely new to the literary industry, I’m glad I chose The Wild Rose Press to publish my debut novel, Flight Path. My editor provided amazing feedback. The marketing team gave me helpful tips for promoting my book. There were opportunities to connect with fellow authors every step of the way. The Wild Rose Press transformed my lifelong daydream into a reality and for that, I am eternally grateful."
"As a veteran writer, I've worked with many editors and publishers over the past 20 years. My experience with Leanne Morgena and The Wild Rose Press could not be better. Leanne is an insightful editor with grace and professionalism. Her insights have transformed both 'The Divorce Planner' and 'Friends First' into stories that linger long after the last page has been turned. Everyone I've worked with at The Wild Rose Press is friendly, helpful, responsive, and professional. I couldn't be happier with my experience."
"I'm very grateful for The Wild Rose Press. They took a chance on a new author, giving me plenty of encouragement and guidance. Everyone there is a pleasure to know and work with."