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Series & Themed Stories

I Love You (A Candy Hearts Romance)
Breakfast with Santa (The Lobster Cove Series)
Meet Me at the Inn
Strawberry Sundae Delights
The Widows’ Gallery (Lobster Cove Series)
Echoes of the Past (The Lobster Cove Series)
Vanilla with a Twist
A Song for Another Day
Rainbow Sprinkles
Another Man’s Son (Lobster Cove)
The White Gull (Lobster Cove)
Spirited Quest (Deerbourne Inn)
Red Club Temptation (Lobster Cove)
Worth a Thousand Words (The Lobster Cove Series)
Summer of Sundaes
A Bean, a Pea, and a Mammoth Tusk (Deerbourne Inn)
Love Proof
Angel in Disguise (Lobster Cove)
Smoothing a Rocky Road
Stracciatella Gelato: Melting Time
A Witch’s Holiday Wedding
Secret Admirer (A Candy Hearts Romance)
www.Cupid (A Candy Hearts Romance)
Je T’aime (A Candy Hearts Romance)
All Mine (A Candy Hearts Romance)

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