How to Submit to our Traditional Publishing Program

The Wild Rose Press, Inc. is a royalty paying publisher. We accept queries from genres other than romance. Including but not limited to women’s fiction, mystery or thriller, historical fiction and erotica. Please read the details on how to submit properly for our lines and their requirements below before sending us a query.

We only accept manuscripts between 7,500 and 100,000 words, for print eligibility the manuscript must be a minimum of 45,000 words. Our contract terms are for 5 years and renew yearly.

Query us electronically via email with TWRP Query, the manuscript title, and the genre in the subject line.

Tell us your name, email, and be sure to include your contact information. Include the word count, a highly detailed synopsis, and the first 5 pages of your manuscript in the body of the email.

Please read the guidelines below before submitting and do NOT send attachments.

Assisted Publishing Programs

LEVEL ONE: Using your final manuscript and your cover, we format and supply an ISBN then publish your book worldwide.

LEVEL ONE PLUS: This package is all of Level One plus Cover Art Creation by us using your specifications.

LEVEL TWO: If you want more control over distribution, we format your supplied files and distribute through a few select sites not available to self-publishers, and assist you in setting up your own Ingram Spark account and ISBN.

LEVEL TWO PLUS: This package is Level Two plus Cover Art Creation by us using your specifications.

ALL Assisted Book Distribution packages include continued customer service. A representative will answer your questions, and assist with whatever questions you may have regarding book distribution, the industry, etc. Although through some distribution and book suppliers your book will appear in the TWRP catalog, you will maintain the publishing rights. You may cancel the agreement at any time at no additional cost. You will receive final formatted files in EPub, Mobi, and PDF, for your use and distribution.

Please note there may be additional charges for works with internal graphics.

We also have a book packaging program in which we format and ready your book for publication. Average costs for this program are dependent on the condition of the manuscript. Please contact us for a quote.

Traditional Publishing Submission Details and Genres

Send your query to

Each of our genre departments accept submissions meeting their specific storyline requirements that do not have a romantic aspect. Please examine the genre department for more details on what we’re looking for.

In our Champagne Rose Line the reader here will find stories filled with sexual tension and passionate chemistry. Champagne Rose couples explore their relationship both emotionally and physically. Without exception we should close the book completely satisfied by the happy-ever-after ending.

Our Crimson Rose Line features romantic manuscripts with a mysterious twist. While the hero and heroine are exploring this tension, the storyline can reveal either a mystery or a thriller. All of the suspense stories need to be fast-paced story lines driven by motives such as revenge, greed, betrayal, anger, love, desire, yearning and more. Mysteries are a more cerebral adventure but every bit as intriguing. Clues are given through various methods which require the reader to think through them, something on the level of a literary jigsaw puzzle.
Our Yellow Rose line is about the modern day cowboy-strong, determined, hard-working, and protective over everything in their circle of life. We are looking for fast paced stories full of those cowboys we all love balanced with supporting family and friends to make a truly down home, heart-warming read with a fully devloped romance.
Sweetheart stories focus on the building relationship of the hero and the heroine. They include all the excitement and sensory detail of that first look, initial attraction, and first touch. Sexual tension must exist between the couple, which increases the conflict and sustains the suspense about how they will work out the relationship hurdles. However, love scenes (if they are present) are enacted only behind closed bedroom doors.
The Black Rose Line is the darker side of the garden, and seeks strong Alpha male or female weres, to die for vamps, or any other delicious mystical creature you have traipsing through your wildest imaginations. These stories should include vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, demons, gargoyles, and countless other mystical creatures. Though Black Rose stories are darker, they still must carry a strong romance theme as the central story thread.
The Fantasy Rose line characters are sometimes in conflict with dangerous elements or beings. As in all our lines, our romances have to follow the traditional romance story pattern and must have a happy ever after. Fairies, mermaids, selkies, sprites, gods, goddesses, ghosts, super heroes, witches, warlocks, dragons, angels, and mythological creatures. Our line also encompass stories such as SciFi, the future, nano-technology, ESP, steam punk, or time travel. Our line is limited only by your imagination. We are always looking for new paranormal creatures and elements.

WRP historical romances should have fresh, unique plots, strong conflict, and clear motivations and goals. Happily Ever After endings are required. Love scenes can range from sweet to hot but must not contain explicit words, graphic language, forced seduction, rape or drug use. Historical accuracy is a must. Characters must stay true to their era in actions and speech.

The Historical Division is comprised of many subgenres.
American Rose – These romantic stories are set in the US and celebrate America from the earliest Colonial times to the genteel days of the pre-war South to the reconstruction era, and the industrialization of the early twentieth century.
Cactus Rose – These romantic stories are set west of the Mississippi from the late 1860s to the end of the nineteenth century. Let your imagination roam free with cowboys, American Indians, lawmen, outlaws, fast guns, ranchers, and soiled doves.
Tea Rose – Romances set prior to 1900 and outside of the US, these stories feature Roman emperors, medieval knights, Italian counts, Caribbean pirates, Canadian Mounties, independent 1890s women, Vikings, Scottish Highlanders and of course, those elegant ladies and gentleman of the Ton.
Vintage Rose – The Titanic tragedy; the war to end all wars; the roaring twenties; WWII; the Gulf War; the 9/11 tragedy. Whether they’re home front stories, or overseas settings, Vintage Rose pays tribute to the 20th century.

We accept ALL genres (paranormal, historical, contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, etc.) of erotica and erotic romance featuring both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. We are looking for fresh and unique but believable plots with strong conflict, clear motivations, and goals realistic to characters our readers can relate to. We want character driven stories with emotionally compelling and active writing. We are not looking for diaries, journals, poetry, or porn. We’re looking for stories rich in sexual content. Sex scenes should be graphically described, including narrative, action, and dialogue. Vocabulary can be explicit, but it doesn’t have to be. Please no flowery euphemisms.
Scarlet Rose will consider manuscripts as short as 5,000 words.

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