I remember 15 years ago before we started The Wild Rose Press, writers were starting to talk about epublishing and not in a positive light.  But RJ Morris saw that this was going to be the next big thing in publishing and we decided to open The Wild Rose Press knowing there were authors who wanted this option. Some writers were resistant, they didn’t think that was “real” publishing. 

At the same time, authors who were published through vanity presses were scorned.  They were looked down on as not good enough for traditional, royalty paying publishing. How soon the times change. Now small press, traditional, and yes, even vanity publishing, are all options for writers. All are career choices for many successful writers.

While The Wild Rose Press has always been and remains a royalty paying publisher in the traditional sense of the word, it has become apparent over the past few years that in order to stay current and meet the needs of all writers – we needed to offer more.

We worked with our business advisors and came up with a division of the company called The Write Advice (www.thewriteadvice.com). 

TWA is not meant to replace The Wild Rose Press. It is a different and separate option for writers who want more control over their books. The Write Advice allows writers the option to pay the one time, upfront costs to get their books published.

TWA offers options for authors. An author just starting out can pay for coaching/consulting sessions by phone or email or a combination of both. Authors who purchase these packages have the sole attention of a professional editor or marketing person at their disposal for any and all questions.  Again, it is a service that we found was needed. Authors who have purchased this option were thrilled with the one on one attention they received.

There are those who will say that we have become a vanity press. They’re wrong and it’s just not true. We are and will always be a publisher that is open to what is needed in today’s market. We are offering writers more options. We’re a business that wants to meet the needs of authors.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to be published.  Our mission, to grow writers into authors, remains the same now as it ever was before. We are customer oriented and believe in the personal approach to all we do. We are hands on and want what is best for our authors. 

Voted P & E Best Publisher of the Year 11 times isn’t a small achievement. We value your support. Having authors who have been with us since 2006 speaks volumes.  And now, offering more options for writers and not forcing them to only be published in one way is how we continue to evolve.  Vanity press?  Traditional publisher? Small Press? E-Publisher? It doesn’t matter what someone might call us. we will always be here to meet the needs of authors.  We want to be YOUR option when you decide what to do with your next book.  

Rhonda Penders

President, Editor-in-Chief



Instagram – thewildrosepress 

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