Sweet Scoops


One Scoop or Two Anthology Volume Ten


Spooky Tutti Frutti by Margaret L. Carter

A midsummer sailboat race is coming to Annapolis, and Celia Rossi’s 1950s-themed ice cream parlor will have a booth at the waterfront celebration. To keep her business flourishing, she needs to impress both locals and tourists on the festive day. But how? She receives unexpected help when she hires a part-time worker who pops up out of nowhere. Suzie Conroy proves to have an almost magical gift for the craft of artisanal ice cream, yet she acts clueless about some ordinary details of everyday life. And why is she so determined to churn up the perfect batch of tutti frutti?

Stracciatella Gelato: Melting Time by Marilyn Baron
Kate Buckthorn, a sixty-something woman in a predictable marriage, takes a day trip to Florence, Italy, to relive the months she spent there as a college art history student. After visiting all the familiar sights, she returns to her favorite gelato shop where she tosses some coins into the plastic cup of a Roma looking for change. And change is what she gets, literally. After enjoying her triple-scoop gelato, she leaves the shop, magically transformed into her twenty-three-year-old self.
Does she stay in Florence and have a fling with a gorgeous Italian hottie, pursuing her painting career in the birthplace of the Renaissance? Or does she return to her unfaithful husband as her younger self?

Smoothing a Rocky Road by Fran McNabb

Math teacher Melissa Tanner is managing her dad’s beach front, ice cream stand for the summer. The tourist area is near a military base, and she knows the risk of dating service men. But when she meets Captain Ty Waltman, she re-evaluates her prejudice against men on temporary duty. Bachelor pilot Ty loves his globe-trotting career but meeting down-to-earth Melissa makes him reconsider his future. Yet, can he give up a life of travel and tie himself to one base and the Hurricane Hunters in order to be closer to Melissa?

Waffle Cone Magic by Emma Kaye

On Lucy Legato’s seventy-sixth birthday, she makes a wish to fix the rocky relationship she has with her daughter, Tessa. Suddenly a bright light blinds her, and Lucy finds herself young again and back on the Jersey shore. Did she actually travel through time? Or did her life flash before her eyes because she was dying?
Lucy realizes she is not dead, but as impossible as it sounds, she’s been sent back to an earlier time in her life. So, while she’s there, she decides to keep a promise to her little girl. Tessa’s not the only one delighted. Serving up the treat is the flirty ice cream parlor owner. And he’s interested in more than good customer service! How far can she take this fantasy?

A Sundae to Remember by Jael Allen

Alexia Craddock is a small-town attorney who moonlights during her lunch break at her grandmother’s ice cream parlor. She’s delivering flyers for her grandmother’s annual specials when she tangles with a pesky Pomeranian and falls at the feet of a handsome stranger whose chivalrous humor eases her embarrassment and kicks her pulse into overdrive.

Wounded captain Jesse Garland has moved to Craddock’s Cove to recuperate and discover what life holds after the navy. When he rescues Alexia from a furry, pint-sized disaster, life suddenly seems full of passion and promise. He vows to get closer to her—one crazy sundae special at a time.


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