Summer Grammar Series Transcripts – Four Parts


Four Part Summer Grammar Series Transcripts

This is a virtual product consisting of FOUR pdf file downloads.




Chat Room Transcripts

August 4 “I Threw the Cow Over the Fence Some Hay”

  • The use of prepositions and how to use them.
  • Independent clauses, dependent clauses, and how to get them to match
  • Misplaced modifiers and those pesky dangling modifiers

August 11: “Pronouns and  verb voice – What You Never Knew”.

  • Pronouns versus Proper nouns (pronoun case problems)
  • Shifts in verb voice
  • Shifts in verb mood

August 18: “Why are My Sentences so Long?”

  •  Dangling modifiers (once again!)
  • Parallelism
  • Run-on Sentences
  • Comma Splices
  • Sentence Fragments

August 25: “Where does the comma go?”

  • Commas
  • Em Dashes and why not to use parentheses
  • Ellipses, how to use them, and when to use an em dash


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