No Room at the Inn


Celtic fiddler Trina Kellander is excited to play at a local festival in Willow Springs, Vermont. While settling into her room at the Deerbourne Inn, she admires an old painting of a handsome kilted Scot. Then a man who looks exactly like the artwork turns up at a jam session to play with her.


Hollywood starlet Livy Randolph faces a difficult decision, so she flees to Willow Springs to contemplate her future.

Carlos Ramos, a local contractor, yearns for a wife and children. When he meets Livy, he loses his heart, but learns she’s not who she claims to be.

The year is 1958. Civil Rights issues surface on the evening newscasts but in Willow Springs, Vermont life seems peaceful. That is, until prejudice rears its ugly head.

Will this unlikely pair find a way to put their differences aside, stand up for their beliefs, and admit their futures may not be what they intended? Only time, and a bit of Willow Springs magic, will tell.

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