Ice Cream Dreams


One Scoop or Two Anthology Volume Seven


The Fudge Ripple Effect
by Nicki Greenwood

Jax Thatcher loves creating stained glass, but love can’t pay the bills. After a disastrous relationship, love lands her back in Narragansett with her overbearing parents and a mountain of I-told-you-so’s. Broke and brokenhearted, she’s forced to abandon her romantic and artistic dreams. Fortunately for Jax, fate is making waves on her behalf.

Sawyer Hennessey, the handsome owner of a generations-old soda fountain, has been burned in love himself. When an accident shatters the stained-glass transom of his shop’s front window, Jax splashes into his quiet life.

Suspicious of their growing feelings, Jax and Sawyer can’t resist testing the waters. They have a lot to learn about the ripples people make in each other’s lives, and how one little drop might lead to an outpouring of love.

All Chocolate, Extra Cherries
by Jane Drager

Grace O’Dell isn’t in the mood to smile. Her mom is dying, her bank account is depleted, and come Labor Day she could lose her job. Mentally and physically tired, she wonders if she will ever be able to have her dream love.

Joe McGann’s mission is to make the beautiful woman he spies smile. She looks so sad, and something about her tugs at his heart. He knows a banana split is a great way to break the ice. But convincing her to accept his invitation could take an act of divine intervention.

Cotton Candy Dreams and Chocolate Chip Kisses
by Kira Anderson

Avery Parker has finally realized her childhood dream of owning the quaint ice cream shop in Eden Beach, Delaware. Unoccupied for over a year, the place needs major renovations, but at what cost? The only contractor available for the job is the one who squashed her dream twenty years earlier. Will these two be able to put aside their differences while they bring Sprinkles back to its former glory and mend their broken hearts in the process?

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