A Double Sundae


One Scoop or Two Anthology Volume Fourteen


Mint Chip and Moonlight
by Sarita Leone

Amelia Caldwell has no intention of getting involved with anyone, let alone a European race car driver. She wants to attend art school in Paris and has no time for a summer fling.

Her plans come to a crashing halt when she has a fender bender with a super-hot legend on Moonlight Beach’s main drag.

Jose Jiminez Rodriguez has never had a collision with an American beauty before and this one throws a wrench in his race day agenda.

Can the two overcome cultural differences to find their way to the checkered flag as a team?


Butter Brickle Beach
by Sarita Leone

Independence Day celebrations on Butter Brickle Beach are legendary. Ice cream, fireworks, and dancing beneath the stars make it a week to remember.

But the stars went out of Chloe Greene’s eyes two years ago, when her fiancé, Colin Thompkins, disappeared right before their wedding.

When he shows up on Brickle Beach two years later, will she find room in her heart to forgive him? Or strangle him with the wedding gown he left her holding?


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