Pay for a book review?

Does that thought horrify you?  Go against everything you were ever taught?

Would you do it?  No?  Until now I would have probably had the same response.   But times change. 

Authors have to promote heavily on their own and everything costs something.  What I’m seeing out there is how very very difficult it is to get reviews anymore from anyone.  Even your best friend! 

Paid reviews aren’t new, not really.  Authors have paid for Kirkus reviews, paid to be part of Net Galley and BookBub, all with the hope of getting a review.  Not a guaranteed review but just the hope that they MIGHT get one.   

Have you tried the “ask everyone you know” route?  Has it worked?   I know even I’m guilty of good intentions when it comes to reviews.  I know I have to write one.  I know I have to help the author out and get it done but, I’m being honest here, it can sometimes take me weeks or even a month or more to put my fingers on the keyboard and get it done.  And I work in the industry!  I know how critical they are.  My point is when you are counting on readers or others doing this for you, your chances are slim that you will get one. 

Amazon has been pulling reviews if they find a connection between the reviewer and the author. This makes it even more challenging to get reviews.

But now Manic Readers has the answer to all this.  Yes Manic Readers – that review company that has been around for over a decade connecting authors with reviewers has stepped up to solve this dilemma. 

Manic Readers has found the same issue that authors have found, reviewers are buried in books to be read and have stopped doing reviews.  But, what if reviewers were paid for their time.  Paid like everyone else in the business are.  Not by the author but by Manic Readers.

Now an author can sign up with Manic Readers, pay for a subscription and have their book put out to the pool of reviewers who can choose which books they review.  Reviewers are paid for every review they do.  The author is GUARANTEED a review.  Not Guaranteed a good review but an HONEST review. 

So how much does it cost?  I was shocked to find out its only $75.  Per book.  AND it’s not just a review you get.  You get your book cover on their site and in their newsletter.  Advertising and a review all for $75?  Still not convinced?  That’s okay.  I am.  I’m heading over to Manic Readers to learn more and to get some of my own books over there. 

My thought on this is, an author can beg and plead to get reviews or pay one price to Manic Readers who will get one for them.  It’s a win win for everyone. 

Everything in the world changes.  What was once unacceptable is now the norm.  I’m going to try it out.  I have nothing to lose, not even my $75.  It’s guaranteed. 

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