Law & Disorder

Lawyer Juliet Jackson has come head to head with Sergeant Jesse Burns on numerous occasions in court. He is provoking. Pigheaded. Punch-worthy. They don’t get along. Not one little bit….

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Touch Me (Lusty Liaisons Book 1)

…service. Her friends are always bragging about their fantastic sex lives, and Maggie wants a man who will ignite the fire that burns deep inside her, a man who’ll satisfy…

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Home to Me

…Fire burns out of control between them, threatening the very fabric of the friendship they hold so dear. Once the ashes have cooled, will there be anything left to salvage?…

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Swindled (Oakwood Tavern Book 2)

…awakens a new empathy inside her. She renounces grifting forever and not just because every inch of her burns to be with him. But his association with her and her…

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Love Calls You Home (Deerbourne Inn)

…a forest-fire sized attraction burns between them. Donald never understood his old friend’s driving need to leave Willow Springs. He loves everything about it. When he learns the truth about…

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