Key to Love

…a classic car restoration business and build a future. The torch he carries for Elise burns brighter than ever, but before he can declare his love, he must obtain the…

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Her Executive Protector

…aside like a half-eaten sandwich. But Maddie isn’t anything he expected and the heat between them burns as hot as ever. When Sam confesses a secret battle, and Maddie is…

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Awakening Magic

…In exchange, New Mourne remained a refuge for humans and supernatural beings to live in peace. Now Brenna Burns, or another chosen female of this generation, is next in line…

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Avenge Her (Druid’s Curse Series)

…letting go of the past, they can ensure their godchild’s future and break the inevitable cycle of death each life time. As a storm rages, desire burns—and ancient evil lurks….

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Love Calls You Home

…a forest-fire sized attraction burns between them. Donald never understood his old friend’s driving need to leave Willow Springs. He loves everything about it. When he learns the truth about…

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A Deal with Lord Devlin

…a nearly impossible desire. The Earl of Devlin’s cousin has romanced her but is announcing his betrothal to another. Forsaken and snubbed at the engagement party, she burns his love…

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