Great job. What man? And murder. Newly employed at Wedding Wonderland, Hattie Cooks is learning the industry from an expert planner. When her former brother-in-law is found dead in his luxury SUV, all fingers point to Hattie’s sister who is planning her own “I dos.”Continue Reading

Sometimes even the most carefully conceived burglary can take an unexpected turn. Florence Palmer has her eye on concert violinist Aaron Levy’s priceless violin.Continue Reading

When Abby Markham witnesses the murder of a local cop with ties to a political dynasty, she finds herself not only in the crosshairs of a killer, but also on the radar of a powerful US senator.Continue Reading

Juliette Rochambeau was heartbroken when the boy she loved ran from South Carolina. Fifteen years later, she returns to her hometown to appraise her family’s historic gem-encrusted necklace.Continue Reading

When Jenna Corbett goes for her morning run, she revels in the knowledge that her dad’s protective grip has finally been broken and the world is on her doorstep. But a brutal attack that leaves her bloodied and broken threatens to take away her new-found freedom.Continue Reading

Thorn has loved Amanda from afar, giving her whatever she needs as a survivor of abuse—space, protection, and stability.Continue Reading

Escaping a disastrous love affair, successful Silicon Valley techie, Alyssa Manchester pounces on the chance to settle a long-lost relative’s Parisian estate. Buried amidst hordes of junk in the apartment, Alyssa unearth s a trove of priceless artifacts—and a partial journal revealing evidence of her great-aunt’s secret World War II identity.Continue Reading

Vaughn Matthews witnessed a horrendous crime and spent eight years of her life in witness protection. Now she’s ready to regain her life, free of fear—until she receives mysterious gifts and threatening notes.Continue Reading

Private investigator Julianne McCarren would give anything to have her husband alive again but settles for the occasional comment he makes in her head. His wedding gift to her, a blue diamond necklace named Angel Falls, goes missing from her safety deposit box in New York, with only a replica in its place.Continue Reading

Divorced dad Birley Haynes is too busy raising his children and running his family’s music academy to start a relationship. Then accountant Harmony Holdich, his high school sweetheart, returns home to Willow Springs, Vermont for Christmas and falls into his bed. She brings light and fun back into his life, but he can’t brush aside the threatening incidents around his workplace.Continue Reading