Single mom Tessa Shore runs a successful leadership program at work and supports a mother with dementia. She can handle any challenge in her jam-packed schedule as long as nothing spins out of control…especially her feelings.Continue Reading

Lorena Billodeaux has spent the last two years in Australia to train for the Olympics. This is her dream, but when Jock Brown, a professional Aussie Rules Football player, makes a play for her heart, he distracts her big-time.Continue Reading

On the Greek island of Santorini, archaeologist Paige Turner is seeking proof of Atlantis. She meets Marc Cooper, travel writer/photographer. Though they disagree about ancient history, a simple kiss quickly turns their relationship from friendship to something more powerful.Continue Reading

Ambitious organizer Minn Evans resents being the only sane and stable person in her family. She wants a normal life with schedules and balanced meals and maybe a man who won’t fall for her sister.Continue Reading

As a daughter of a bestselling novelist, Annie Shaw is determined to establish herself as a romance author apart from her father’s name. When a career-threatening review sends her on vacation at Deerbourne Inn, she wonders if she should quit writing.Continue Reading

Dr. Daniel Stevenson, professor of history at the University of Vermont, is a popular guest speaker at the Willow Springs Community Center.Continue Reading

Sugar Plum fairies eat your heart out. Madison Reynolds has visions of a different kind dancing in her head. Home for the holidays in Cedar Bend, Colorado, Madison must focus on helping her bedridden pregnant sister, not fantasize about the one who got away.Continue Reading

Innkeeper Maureen O’Dowd lives to cook and bake, spoils her family and friends, and is an expert at keeping secrets, especially about the man who’s held her heart for years.Continue Reading