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Chat Schedule

Join Laura Kelly for a discussion about the lack of conflict in stories.

Join Rhonda Penders for an Ask Rhonda Session.

Chat with Amanda Barnett on visualizing your characters.

Join Lisa MacDonald in a discussion about researching yourself, your titles, and your character names.

Join Jennifer Wilck, a  TWRP Author, and discuss Facebook Parties.

Join Dianne Rich in a discusion about Holiday stories.

Join Cameron Penders and learn about using Instagram in your promotion.

Join Rhonda Penders and Diana Carlile and get the details on TWRP’s latest upcoming series “Hotter than a Firecracker”.

There are hundreds of programs available for writers, but which are the most useful and effective? In this chat, author and teacher Ginny Frost will highlight three apps—Google Keep, Aeon Timeline, and Trello that will help organize your writing. See more information at Ginny’s blog Apps for Writers https://appsforwriters.blogspot.com/