So many of us hit rough spots in our writing and could use a little help.  These authors and professionals regularly post to their blogs about how to write, promote, and improve your craft.  Check them out!

Flawed Characters Make a Better Story by Molly Ringle:

Four-part Character Arc vs. Three-act Plot Structure by Molly Ringle:

Write with Fey:

Dalia Dupris Writes:

The Challenge of Getting Your Work Published:

Did one of your characters pass by Independence Rock?:

To poison, or not to poison, that could be the question:

The real Captain Jack: This one got caught:

Southern Writers Magazine: Pantser Writing Works for Me:

DV Stone’s Campfire Blog:

         Annette Miller guest:

Kathleen Buckley:

Ginny Frost:

Molly Ringle:

Joe Cosentino:


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