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Diverse Stories

Diverse Titles
Charlie’s Wives
Silver-Tongued Temptress (Westby Sisters Book 3)
Julie & Kishore
The Echo Holders
Erecting Barriers (Immortals Book 8)
The Gully Path (Daughters of Parrish Oaks Book 1)
Secrets of the East Wing
North Woods Love (Men of Maine Series)
A Bodyguard of Lies (The Jake Bernstein FBI Series Book 1)
False Alibi
Assumption Day
A Whirl with my Mocha-Chocolate Swirl
The Long Change
The Ghost of Kathleen Murphy
Shanghai Bandit
Need You Now (Love’s Paradise Series)
Maraschino Marriage Pact
Outside the Lines (Red Cell Security Book 1)
Cinnamon & Sugar
Cloud Woman’s Spirit
Some Other Child
A War Like Ours
Daisy’s Choice
Midwife in Behruz
A Scandalous Request

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