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Diverse Stories

Diverse Titles
Take It on the Run (I Want Morrison Book 4)
Some Other Child
Mitzi of the Ritz
Touched By The Magic (The Academy Series Book 1)
Thirty-Three Days
Queen of the Mardi Gras Ball (The Mardi Gras Series)
Going Down Hard
The Echo Holders
Need You Now (Love’s Paradise Series)
Hook, Line & Sinker (Boys Of Summer)
When Comes Forever
The Gully Path (Daughters of Parrish Oaks Book 1)
Erecting Barriers (Immortals Book 8)
The Sheik’s Ruby
Bitter Blues (The Big Band Series Book 2)
Mrs. Spinney’s Secret
Shadows of Quartz (Gem Haven Series Book 2)
Command Performance
Just for You (I Want Morrison Book 3)
Keeping Secrets From Sir
The Lion, the Leopard, and the Wolf
North Woods Love (Men of Maine Series)
Charlie’s Wives
Favorite Fantasies

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