Skye Callaghan doesn’t expect to be swept off her feet by a man like Chase Rogan, not since the accident that left her blind turned her world upside-down. But Chase isn’t entirely unfamiliar. He’s everything about her past she’s trying to escape from—a military man. Trapped in a life she doesn’t w…Continue Reading

When headstrong state prosecutor, Sarah Ratchett, gets a glimpse of opposing attorney, Warwick Findlay-Brown, on the dance floor, she is surprisingly tempted to follow his lead. He’s dominant, in charge, and she longs to surrender. Her nemesis in the courtroom can’t be the man she’s been waiting fo…Continue Reading

Newly divorced Professor Evie Brown notices her student Cameron Slade and how attentive he seems, so totally unlike her ex-husband. Cameron is also delicious to look at, all taut body, broad shoulders, and hot eyes. He’s forbidden territory, but one late afternoon as she pleasures herself in an em…Continue Reading