Two strangers find something they had no idea they were looking for. To clear her head and possibly figure out her life’s path, Chloe Adkins sets out on a road trip. A summer storm forces an unplanned stop, and she is suddenly side-tracked by the hot B&B owner. Marcus Delaney doesn’t have time for a…Continue Reading

So what if Gabrielle Dayton is a twenty-six year old virgin? Sleeping with a guy just for the sake of having sex never appealed to her…until sexy carpenter Luke Delaney shows up on her doorstep. Just the way he handles his tools awakens her deepest desires. Gabrielle knows Luke is the perfect man …Continue Reading

Overweight, overworked and undersexed, Sara Delaney loves her job as an E.R. nurse but fears her life has become a monotonous series of shift rotations with a little sleep in between and even less of a social life. That is until former high school jock, Alex Conrad, shows up with an allergic reactio…Continue Reading