This is a collection of sample chapters from the following novels. Torn Away by Vincent MorroneCamelot Games by Oliver F. ChaseThe Echo Holders by Lance HawvermaleJust What I Kneaded by Karen C. WhalenDisguise for Death by Sylvia NickelsThe Suicide Gene by CJ ZahnerBlood on the Chesapeake by Randy …Continue Reading

Horrific, recurring nightmares are making Danielle Reynolds’ life miserable. Losing sleep and falling grades lead her to seek help from her college counselor, a psychologist, and against her better judgment, a psychic medium. To her amazement, she discovers her dead grandfather is trying to conta…Continue Reading

When Avery Archer, an eleven-year-old boy, telephones Ken Driscoll, a young accountant, and pleads for help in escaping from his kidnappers, Ken thinks the boy is playing a sick prank. But after several daily calls, Ken truly believes the boy is in danger. When Ken contacts the local police for ass…Continue Reading