This is a collection of sample chapters from the following novels. Dixieland Dead by Penny Burwell EwingIt’s a Wonderful Undead Life by R E MullinsBewitching Breeze by K. M. DaughtersThe White Feather by Heidi Wessman KnealeDeception Island by Judith A. BossEvil Speaks Softly by Maureen BonatchAli…Continue Reading

While at an archaeology dig in Afghanistan, evolutionary anthropologist Rachel St. Claire discovers a pendant with strange shifting symbols. Not long after, she receives an urgent call from her colleague, Dr. Grace McAllister, insisting Rachel come to Antarctica to examine an unusual body with ether…Continue Reading

When her beloved Aunt Grace is found dead on the floor of her bedroom, eleven-year-old Zoe Delaney is convinced it was murder. Determined to get to the truth of the matter, and with the help of a journal she finds under her aunt’s bed, Zoe sets out to investigate her aunt’s death. Her covert i…Continue Reading