After she leaves her husband—shocking society and bringing disgrace on her family—Cassandra Stanfield’s father banishes her to a remote cottage in Wales, with no company except her carping elder sister.Cassandra struggles to adjust to a life of forced repentance, but despair threatens to overwhe…Continue Reading

Elena Bellwood’s life is thrown into chaos when her mother dies and leaves her penniless. She is forced to move from her beloved home in New York City to live with an aunt in Connecticut—an aunt she never knew existed. During her journey north, she meets Benjamin Garrick, a blunt-spoken gentlema…Continue Reading

Hannah Winstead’s life is rudely interrupted at age seventeen when her guardians attempt to force her to marry their friend Lord Earling. Unsure of her right to refuse, she runs away.A handsome, intriguing young sea captain, Aaron Clarke, is shocked to find Hannah nearly frozen in a barn. He abets…Continue Reading