Carefree bachelor, Sir Walter Munford has not the least intention of marrying. There is certainly no one of his acquaintance he could tolerate, marry, and produce the heir his father so desires. But marry he must, and before the year is out.An impossible task! Had he not already attended the best b…Continue Reading

As Emma Greenway opens her doors to the city’s gamesters, tongues are bound to wag. She left Clifton as plain Emma Johnson, the butcher’s daughter. Now years later, she’s returned home only to face the man who stole her heart.Captain Max Collinson’s heart beats faster when he first sets eyes…Continue Reading

Notoriety is better than failure, witty and unconventional Rowena Fallows resolves not to marry wealthy aristocrat Thomas Brickdale.Pressured by his family to marry and produce an heir, Brickdale exudes the kind of danger a wise woman avoids. He, too, has no wish to marry, but he’s not indifferent…Continue Reading