When Australian violinist Nina Lee finds a piece of old sheet music at a rummage sale, she quickly discovers the music is imbued with a supernatural power. Strange dreams of a handsome, passionate, and commanding man playing a beautiful melody on violin haunt her nights and gradually consume her tho…Continue Reading

Betrayed by her fiance, freelance musician Primrose Pretty escapes to Nirvana, her brother Danny’s rural Australian commune. Although determined to live the simple life, Primrose finds the primitive conditions and slack attitude of the “residents” stressful. Her awkward relationship with her brother…Continue Reading

Hannah, a talented but disorganized violinist, is going on a concert tour of rural Australia. Jack, a famous wilderness photographer, agrees to accompany the musicians and provide photos of the trip, as a favour to his uncle Bernard, the tour leader. Another favour is collecting Hannah, but she isn…Continue Reading