Worth a Thousand Words (The Lobster Cove Series)



Angelique Durand had it all, beauty, a flourishing career as a super-model, and a fabulous existence living the high life in Europe. All that came to a crashing halt when she was arrested for a crime she didn’t commit and had a tragic accident that left her face disfigured. She’s come to Lobster Cove to hide and rebuild her life. Nothing in her future is certain except for one thing – she will never, ever stand in front of a camera again.

Tim Baldwin, a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, was kidnapped by ISIS and held hostage. Rescued just before his scheduled execution, Tim returned to his family’s summer home. Suffering from PTSD, he has also lost his ability to take pictures. Things change when an intriguing woman moves into the beach house next door and she is the only subject Tim can photograph.

Can these two battered souls come together to find everlasting love?