Wish for a Sinner (The Sinners Sports Romances Book 2)



Joe Dean Billodeaux, womanizing star quarterback for the New Orleans Sinners, thinks maybe, just maybe, he should look for a more wholesome woman than the ones who quickly signed his little black book when his promised season of celibacy ended.

Nellwyn Abbott, who helps fulfill the dreams of critically ill children, isn’t interested in Joe, his black book, or becoming one of his conquests. After overcoming childhood leukemia, she knows there is more to life than casual pleasures. While she rebuffs Joe at every turn, she finds herself repeatedly thrown together with him by well-meaning friends.

Though spooked by Nell’s cancer experience, Joe realizes there might be more to life than sex and football. Can he convince Nell to give them the family she always dreamed of but thought was out of her reach?