Wings on Mountain Breezes (Daughters of Parrish Oaks Book 5)

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Dr. Sue Ann Parrish, who has battled and won against cancer, has loved and lost enough. She will have her children and grandchildren, but her world is empty without Custer’s Native American wisdom and vitality. The white eagle feather that symbolizes him reminds her of his promise: “When the red sunset comes, happiness will follow.”

When Angel unexpectedly arrives, bringing with her the shadow of CIA involvement and secret missions to Costa Rica, she and Sue Ann’s son find instant attraction to each other, and Sue Ann is more than pleased. She is unaware of their clandestine search as they put together clues to the disappearance of Angel’s father, the greatest love of Sue Ann’s life. Is he still alive? If so, will he survive the threat posed by the reward hanging over his head?