Whole (A Remembered Classics Romance Book 6)



Alice Little and Asa Hatterly, both child geniuses, were barely teens when they met in college and fell in love. War tore them apart when Asa went into the Army as a sharpshooter. They reconnect years later after Asa spent time in prison for a crime he’s not even sure he committed.
Did he really shoot a man or was he duped into believing he did? Did someone manipulate the evidence to point to Asa?
Only Alice can help him find the answer. They’re pulled into a world of twisted identities and political alliances involving the FBI and an ambitious Senator. When the candidate is attacked, they go into hiding, afraid Asa might once again become a convenient victim.
But now those old events have resurfaced. That’s when they discover who’s a friend–and who’s using them to get revenge.