Who Knew…It Takes Two!



Sybil Winthrop is an unemployed attorney thanks to her boyfriend’s slip of the tongue. He’s feeling guilty, and she’s happy he’s willing to help her find another job, but camping with his friends doesn’t seem ideal for networking.

Once each summer, Archer Harrington’s buddies and their dates go camping in the great outdoors to fish…and for a sexy anything-goes weekend. This might be the perfect time to introduce Sybil to his best friend, Brad, whose mother is looking for a young lawyer for her cosmetic firm. And if Brad and Sybil connect, Archer’s hoping to show Sybil a more intimate adventure with his friend. A weekend match made in heaven, right?

Though shocked, Sybil warms to the idea of a ménage a trois. She’s always liked Archer’s brand of kink, and after all, two might be better than one…