Whisper of Love



Running from her cousin, a man of low character who is determined to have her placed in an asylum so that he may take control of her inheritance, Laurel Halstrom comes face to face with the only man she believes she will ever love. He is the man of her dreams, the man her heart has waited and longed for her entire life. The only problem is, they’ve only just met.

A brusque scientist, who would rather study insects beneath a microscope than spend his time attending a lady discussing inane subjects such as the weather, Grayson Pendleton is bewildered by his reaction to Laurel. She is like no other woman he has ever met, and not because of her inability to hear or speak. The simple turn of her head, the soft smile upon her lips, the scents and sounds she brings into a room, have him entranced.

But theirs may be a short acquaintance if her cousin succeeds in his plan to have her committed. Dare Gray risk everything to keep Laurel safe?