When Comes Forever



Jesse Starr, son of a Kiowa princess and an English lord, was raised in England but constantly persecuted by his jealous half-brother, who eventually had him shanghaied. Now on his way home, Jesse determines to find the mother he never knew, then return to England to avenge his father’s death at the hands of the half-brother. When he finds beautiful and very pregnant seventeen-year-old Rebecca Throckmorton abandoned in a remote cabin deep in Oklahoma territory, his plans go awry.
Rebecca rues the day she eloped with a con man. All she wants is to return to Chicago, hoping her family will welcome her and the baby. Yet despite her vow never to trust her heart to another man, she can’t help being attracted to Jesse, the rugged adventurer who rescues her. If her society-conscious family won’t forgive her, what will she do? Jesse, drawn to Rebecca but intent on his revenge in England; has no thought of her accompanying him…until he must rescue her and change his plans again.