Vykup: A Novel of the Koldun



Drawn into a mysterious world of Russian sorcery, Kaat Collins struggles to rebuild her life after the death of her mother, an author, who wrote of a world that may not be entirely fictional. Kaat’s grief turns into a compulsion to complete her mother’s final book.

A full-time college load becomes one class, a Russian lit course. She meets Kolya Orlov, a classmate who becomes part of her reclusive life. Drawn to the darkly handsome, enigmatic Kolya, Kaat finds a kindred soul facing challenges of his own. Kolya finds Kaat intriguing as well, so unlike the women in his past.

As she interacts with him and the exclusive town called Vykup, she finds love, hate, and prejudice, while uncovering the secret of her mother’s past and the truth of who she is. Will Kaat and Kolya’s differences divide them, or can their love overcome the obstacles they face?