Unlocking Love (Hearts on the Line Book 1)



With her love on the line, only he has the key to unlock her heart…

NYC advertising executive Erynne Sommers thinks she has a fairy tale marriage. Then she discovers her husband’s sordid betrayal and learns the shocking truth about his past, thanks to the return of his former BDSM lover. As her once-perfect world crashes down around her, a series of dreams lead her from a pit of despair into the arms—and bed—of the man who unlocks her love.

Evan Giamatti didn’t mean to fall in love with his happily married coworker. That’s not his style. But, when her life falls apart, staying in the friend zone isn’t easy. Determined to be the compassionate friend she needs while she picks up the pieces of her fractured heart, he fights his own growing desire. Intent on convincing her to take a chance on a future with him, Evan prays her ability to trust and love again isn’t irrevocably shattered.