Under the Radar



Fia Colibri, a former Cirque du Soleil aerialist and ex-con, travels the back roads of the US to evade her con artist father. He forced her to steal for him, then left her to face the consequences from a botched robbery. After her car breaks down in a small North Dakota town, she meets Aiden, a charming lawyer who’s searching for his missing sister. Intrigued with his filial loyalty, Fia agrees to help him in his search. But when they follow his sister’s trail to an abandoned radar station, they encounter duplicitous town folk, belligerent thugs, and a corrupt police force. As they plumb the secrets of the radar station, they uncover a ring of human traffickers and a group of kidnapped children. Fia’s new fear isn’t that her father will find her, it’s that she won’t survive.