Touch of Darkness (The Siorai Legacy II)



Her body desires a mystical warrior…

White witch Aiyanna Grey is well versed in magic, mythology, and betrayal. When vampires tear her family apart, she seeks the help of an immortal stranger. As they get closer to finding her sister, Aiyanna is in danger of losing her heart.

A powerful witch in need of his protection–

For 250 years, Cameron MacLean accepted his fate as guardian of the human race. A lost lifetime fuels his obsession to settle the score against evil until he meets a beautiful witch who incites an inferno inside him until he craves nothing but her touch.

When an ancient Vampryss threatens to use the power of the sisters to open a portal between two worlds, can the power of Aiyanna and Cameron’s love strengthen their magic in time to save her sister and the world? Or…