To the Ta-Tas



Jillian’s enchanting smile captures the attention of anyone who meets her, yet it hides her shyness. The one person who knows exactly what she feels is her best friend since college, Tara. They have always been there for each other. Always. Even when Jillian had to hear the news every woman hopes never to receive–breast cancer.

Handsome Dr. David Rainier was Jillian’s first true love. His drive to perfection and success ultimately drove a wedge between him and the woman he has always cherished. The hammer that drove in the wedge was Cathy Barone.

Years later, a car accident reunites the two lovers. Slowly they reconnect, though conflicts abound. Is it only the memory of what they once had, or is the spark still alive? Life’s experiences have taught them both to fight for what is important.