To Kill A Vampire (Captive Souls)



Angelica Gentillini’s mundane existence is thrown into chaos the night the darkly alluring Erik Kestler abducts her from a Chicago nightclub, claiming he has come to save her life. In a horrific future where humans are near extinction—bred only for food and other unimaginable torment—Vlad, leader of the vampire race, has ordered her execution before she can write her novel, To Kill A Vampire—a book containing secrets to slay the immortal monsters. Can Erik and his handful of underground vampire resistance succeed in keeping Angelica alive?
To save her from the rapidly converging evil legion, Erik plunges her into a nightmare life on the run. During their frantic escape, Angelica sustains a life-threatening vampire wound. Unable to bear losing his great love, Erik transforms her. Struggling to accept her new existence while encountering relentless pursuit, she must face the deadliest secret of all—the surest way to kill a vampire is to break his heart.