Timeless Valentine



When Lucas Benning relocated to Kansas City, he agreed to allow his best friend’s sister to remain under his roof. Problem is, they’ve despised each other since he cut off her hair when she was fifteen. They drive each other crazy – he disrupts her work; she always has to have the last word. But as Valentine’s Day approaches, his sentimental side can’t accept Olivia’s jaded perspective that the holiday’s for fools. He vows to prove romance is real and it doesn’t go hand-in-hand with sex. Except the game he starts to prove a point awakens a frightening passion he can’t escape.

Eccentric artist Olivia McDaniels finds Lucas’ proposal laughable. A man can’t woo a woman he’s not attracted to, let alone one he can’t stand. Yet when her brother commissions a portrait of Lucas, she begins to see a different side of the man. He’s tender, selfless and, to her horror, his thoughtfulness chips away at the walls she’s erected around her heart. Only, Lucas belongs to another woman, and the feelings he stirs inside Olivia can only lead to pain.

Will Cupid forge a timeless bridge between their differences? Or will his arrows eternally miss the mark?