Tiernan’s Punishment



Punishment? Or Fate?

When Tiernan, king of the Seelie court, allows a mortal into the Faery realm, he is banished to ancient Norway without his magick. Dropped right into a battle between two warring Viking clans, he is taken prisoner by the beautiful and sensual Mista, who refuses to believe he is from another time and place.

As Einarsson Chieftain, Mista protects those who have sworn fealty to her. Although she captures the handsome warrior wearing the enemy’s chain mail, she spares him, making him a slave until he is proven innocent…or not. The fact he seems slightly deranged takes nothing away from his sexy good looks.

Their growing attraction is interrupted when Mista’s home is attacked. But Tiernan, whether slave or king, with magick or without, is determined that no mortal will hurt the one woman who could be his soul mate.