Those Baby Blues



Hadleigh Charmaine felt as though she had been cast in a made-for-TV movie. The infant she had taken home from the hospital was not her biological child, and the man who had been raising her real daughter was Treet Miller, a film star with sizzling baby blues. But when those famous peepers settled on her, the hardworking, single mother refused to be hoodwinked — even if his once-over made her shiver with desire.

Treet knew he’d found the role of a lifetime: father to two beautiful daughters and husband to one gorgeous wife. Now he just had to convince Hadleigh that he wasn’t feeding her a line, that in each other’s arms they had the best shot at happiness. He planned to woo her with old-fashioned charm and a lot of pillow talk, until she understood that their straight-from-the-headlines story could have a Hollywood ending.