The Slayer (Chronicles of the Fallen Book 1)



Born of heaven, forged in hellfire and damnation, Xander roams the earth as an unlikely protector of the innocent. Embroiled in a demon uprising, Xander must help his brothers-in-arms recover four Sacred Relics rumored to be Lucifer’s downfall. The stakes are simple. If he fails, the boundaries between Hell and Earth will crumble. If he succeeds, long-awaited salvation could be his. But when a beautiful innocent is caught in the crossfire, the price of redemption could be too steep.
Kyanna Hughes has been sworn to protect a Sacred Relic at all costs. From the cradle, she was taught to hate all things demon, but her attraction to Xander turns everything she’s been taught upside down. But Kyanna is not only a Guardian, she’s also in possession of secrets so dangerous that to keep them out of demon hands even the angels in Heaven would see her dead.