The Silkie’s Salvation (The Sea Lovers Series Book 2)



Keeley McNamara’s grandfather is dying, and she’ll do almost anything to make his final days happy, even making him think her boss is the man in her life.

But Ciaran Clifton is nobody’s idea of a hero.

A Silkie kicked out by his own kind, Ciaran’s only way back to the sea is to prove he can be nice to humans. As far as he’s concerned Keeley’s annoying and abrasive, but the best private chef around. So he’s kept his hands off her until the day she nearly drowns. Already attracted to her, his fascination grows, but Ciaran discovers Keeley’s got a few secrets of her own, including the fact she’s not quite human.

The magic she works on him turns the emotional heat to sizzling. It could restore the heritage he destroyed, but separate them forever.

Book 2 of the Sea Lovers Series