The Red Heart (The Red Heart Club Book 1)



Julianna Lockland, the Earl of Lockland’s illegitimate daughter, has one night to secure the heart of the famed Renauld Pirate. A masquerade presents the perfect opportunity to do just that. Her sister doesn’t love him; she savors her role in high society and looks down her nose at Reynauld. Bent on seduction, Julianna dons her sister’s mask and enters the private quarters of the roguish buccaneer.

The bastard son of a duke, Thomas Reynauld has come from the high seas to seal a contract with the Earl of Lockland. In exchange for exclusive shipping rights of the earl’s liquor, Thomas must wed Lockland’s daughter, Evelyn. He remembers her as cold, but the masked siren setting his sheets on fire proves him wrong…in the most delicious way.

Can one deceitful night of passion lead to love?