The Prisoner



When Brian Fitzroy is unable to save the woman he loved from her murderous husband, he is imprisoned with no hope of rescue since his family believes him dead. Years pass until the day a beautiful woman enters his cell.
Constance Portnoy, the treasured and protected ward of the Fitzroys, is seduced by Loutrant, the man who imprisoned Brian. Realizing too late, she becomes his latest prisoner.
Even as she falls for Brian, he determines she will escape the torment he endures. After her escape, Brian is rescued and Loutrant seemingly falls to his death.
They both have a difficult time adjusting. Brian rebuffs all who offer sympathy. Constance hides her own pain while concentrating on bringing the man she loves back into the light.
The two former prisoners fall in love and take a chance at happiness, unaware Loutrant is still alive and intends to win at all costs.