The One You Don’t See



Harper Colby might be battered and down on her luck, but she refuses to be a victim. Determined to take back her life on her own terms, she seeks sanctuary on her childhood friend Emmie’s ranch. There’s only one fly in the ointment of her well-laid plans, a bossy cowboy determined to invade her space at every turn. Getting involved with Aiden is the last thing she wants. She’s already made that mistake, and she has zero interest in doing it again. But Harper soon learns that sometimes what we think we want and what we actually need are two very different things.
Battle-weary warrior Aiden Whitebear fought all his life to carve a place for himself, first within his tribe, then in the U.S. Army. But then a terrorist ambush took out his convoy, killing his best friend. Aiden decided he’d had enough. The only thing he wants now is peace and quiet. He thought he’d found it on a picturesque ranch in Montana, until a skittish woman lands on his doorstep, turning his world inside out. While her beautiful face might be battered and bruised, there’s a defiant fire in her eyes, a survivor’s spirit that calls to him. Having faced death already, Aiden isn’t a man to waste time going after what he wants. Now a ruthless killer has targeted the ranch, and Aiden must scramble to protect what he holds most dear, and he knows he can’t fail. Because one kiss, one stolen moment in Harper’s arms, and Aiden knows, deep in his soul, he’s found the one thing he’s been looking for all his life. Home.