The Lost Few (The Forgotten Ones Book 2)


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Several decades ago, a former C.I.A. Agent, Mel Greenstone convinced high ranking U.S. officials to draft orphans and young criminals to become trained assassins. That worked until Agent Laura Black’s team fought back and destroyed them.

It has been one year since they broke away from the evil clutches of the dark Secret Intelligence Unit (S.I.U.) and watched Greenstone go to prison. The team now has one desire—to live a normal life—and they could, if they were not constantly looking over their shoulders.

When Laura receives word there may still be another S.I.U. shell company nearby, they decided to break into their offices and steal Intel to work toward their goal. That decision will cause a chain of events that will cost lives and take them on a journey from Northern California to the United States Capitol—from heartache to new lives.