The Last Bloom (Between The Rifle and The Spear Book 6)



Intrigued by homeopathic and conventional powers of healing, Cassia Holmes always wanted to work in the medical field. After years of studying in England, she returns home to practice medicine beside the town’s doctor. When he suffers a heart attack, his oldest son, Dr. Brodie O’Clarity, returns from Boston to take his place. Until now, Cassia considered Brodie like an older brother. As they work together, an attraction flairs and complicates their working ethics.

Brodie never wanted to be a small-town doctor. But something strange happens…little Cassia has turned into an intelligent and beautiful woman, stirring every facet of his being. When he decides to profess his love, Tucker, his younger brother and her first love, returns and disrupts everything.

Losing Cassia’s heart becomes a real possibility. Or will she be lost to them all at the hands of an escaped convict who is terrorizing the town with Cassia as his next victim?