The Lady and the Wolf



Amelia Cavendash is a Regency Miss who does as she pleases. Instead of following society’s dictates she follows her own. Which means hunting beasts who can turn into men, and allowing the duke next door to warm her bed. But while searching a nearby graveyard to find an elusive creature, Amelia discovers the big bad wolf is someone she knows.

Gideon Rochester has his hands full trying to convince the beautiful Amelia to marry him. Sharing her bed is not enough. But his chances of success dwindle even more when she finds out he is a wolf. His Melia is not happy with his lie of omission and becomes even more upset when a compromising situation forces her to become Gideon’s betrothed.

The timing couldn’t be worse, for a band of rogues has invaded the London territory and Gideon and Amelia must put aside their differences before hearts and lives are broken forever.